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Please take a moment to review the basic steps and reminders below. Understanding some simple guidelines makes for a better car sharing experience for you and your fellow members. If Enterprise CarShare is at your work site for business use, your policies may differ from those listed below.

Click here to view your Member Guide, an on-the-go quick reference guide for car sharing.


  • Go mobile with our new Enterprise CarShare app, available for iOS and Android. Make, change, cancel, or extend your reservations right from your smartphone.

  • Don’t have a smartphone? Visit our website! (You may also call our Reservation Hotline 24/7 at 416.840.4444 or 844.341.7888. A $2.50 booking charge applies to all new and change reservation transactions made through an operator, including extending or returning your reservation early.)

  • Log in using your member ID (on your original Keycard) and password.

    • If you’ve forgotten your password, select “Forgot Password” on the login page. Enter your Member ID and select click “Recover Password” – a link will be emailed to you.
  • Select the time you need and search for vehicles in your desired area. Reserve 15-minute increments with a 45 minute minimum. 

    • You can save addresses to your profile, such as your home or work, or search locations by address, or TTC stop.
  • Confirm your reservation. You will receive a confirmation email with details and directions to the vehicle. 



  • An additional fee will be added to any rental by a member who is between the ages of 18-20 years old. Members 18-20 will be charged $2 per hour (max of $20 per day).

Unlock and Go

  • Locate your reserved vehicle using the license plate as reference.

  • Place your membership card over the reader on the windshield. The doors will unlock when the light turns green.

    • A red light could mean that you are too early or at the wrong vehicle. Give us a call if you continue to see a red light or no light and the car is not unlocking.

    • You must bring your membership card with you to the car. It is the only way to access the vehicle. Only you or another approved driver on the same Enterprise CarShare account is allowed to drive the vehicle during your reservation.

  • Check Before You Drive.

  1. Walk around the entire vehicle looking for damage or low tires.

  2. Call or email with any unreported damage larger than 5 cm before you drive. Ensure to give the size and location of the damage. If unsure, use the damage evaluator from the glove box.

  3. If you see our "Damage Reported" sticker placed on any damage you find, there is no need to report it. If you are unsure, always call us so you're not held responsible. Let us know about dents, dings or scratches on the exterior body of the vehicle that are outside the guidance below:

    • Exterior body damage larger than 5 cm damage evaluator circle, or hole/tear of any size

    • Bumper damage larger than 15 cm

    • Any cracks or chips in windshield or other glass

    • Any warning lights

    • Soiled interiors, pet hair, lingering smoke or odour

    • Any concerns that make you feel uncomfortable to drive

  • For vehicles with a traditional key, start the vehicle with the key tethered by the ignition. For vehicles with a push-button start, just press the brake and push the button to start.

  • Use your membership card to lock and unlock the vehicle during your reservation.

    • Every time you exit the vehicle during your reservation and at the end of your trip, ensure that you remove the keys from the ignition. Hold your membership card to the reader until the doors have locked and the light flashes green.

    • Automatic log out: If you leave the key turned off for a few minutes, the unit will countdown and automatically log out. You may log in again by holding your card against the reader on the windshield to start the vehicle.

  • Inside the glove compartment, you will find insurance, registration, our member guide and collision checklist. In the winter, we include a scraper and/or shovel in the rear.

  • Smoking in the vehicle is not allowed.

  • Pets must be crated at all times while in the vehicle (service animals excepted). Some of our members are allergic to pets, so please return vehicle free of pet hair.

  • Always carry a credit card or cash in case of unexpected expenses.


  • Let us know about any problems right away. If you believe the vehicle needs service, if you require roadside assistance, or in the unfortunate event that you are in an accident, please contact us immediately (844.341.7888 or 416.840.4444) so we can assist you.

    • In case of an accident, please refer to the Collision Checklist located in the vehicle’s glove box. Failure to immediately report and collect all accident information may result in additional damage charges, fees and/or termination of membership.


  • Fuel is included! You are required to return the vehicle with more than a ¼ tank. Use the pre-paid Esso card (Exxon/Mobil stations in US) located in the vehicle. To fill up:

    • Turn off the engine.

    • While still logged in, remove the fuel card from the keypad. A four-digit PIN will display on the keypad screen next to "PIN 1".

    • Use the PIN in the "Driver #" field at the pump.

    • DO NOT FILL WITH DIESEL. Filling with diesel is considered negligence and will cause the engine to fail.

    • Fill tank completely and return the gas card to the keypad (There is a $75 charge for not returning the card).

    • The Esso card can also be used to purchase washer fluid if the extra bottle we leave in the trunk is empty.

    • If you must fill at a non-Esso station, we will reimburse you. Upload a photo of the final receipt (including number of litres purchased) using the mobile app or email a photo of the final receipt to infoCANADA@enterprisecarshare.ca within 30 days.

  • Please return your vehicle on time to avoid inconveniencing other members.

  • If you need more time, extend using the keypad on the windshield or with our app prior to the end of your reservation.  Late fees are incurred for returning or extending after your reservation has ended.  If your extension or late return delays another member who has reserved the vehicle you are driving, an additional inconvenience fee may apply.

  • Always return the vehicle to its designated parking space or lot. Your reservation will continue until the vehicle has been returned to the original lot, ready for the next member.



  • If you are unable to return your reserved vehicle to its designated space because it is occupied or blocked, please contact us right away (844.341.7888 or 416.840.4444). Find nearby legal/unrestricted (non-tow zone!) parking and let us know the location so we can notify the next member.


  • Do not park your personally owned vehicle in the Enterprise CarShare space - we rent private spots so unauthorized vehicles may be towed.

  • Please remember to leave the vehicle ready for the next member.  Clean up any trash or spills, return seats to upright position, remove key from ignition, and turn off the lights and engine.  If the battery is dead or the next member reports that the car has been left in an unacceptable condition, you may be charged a fee.

  • Don’t forget your stuff. Enterprise CarShare is not responsible for the loss of items left behind.  

  • Hold your membership card over the reader on the windshield until the light turns green and the doors lock.

  • Once the doors lock, your rental has ended.



  • The credit card on file must be in the same nameand address as the CarShare account.

  • The card on file must be a valid credit card. We do NOT accept prepaid cards, gift cards, Visa/MasterCard debit, and other debit cards.

  • Your credit card will be billed the complete cost of your trip, including total time, kilometres and fees, after your trip. The estimated amount for reservations may be billed up to 48 hours prior to the reservation start time. Additional fees, such as tickets, cleaning, damage or late fees will be charged as they are processed. 

  • Unsuccessful credit card payments may be assessed a fee. A reduced account limit and security deposit may be required.

  • Members who wish to pay with a cash equivalent form of payment (no credit card) may do so by presenting qualifying payment information in person. For details, click here.

  • Monthly fees, if applicable will be charged in the first week of the month.

  • Annual memberships renew automatically. When applicable, your annual membership fee will be charged upon the anniversary month of your join date.

Fee Schedule

To ensure that everyone is doing their part to consider their fellow members, members who break the rules will be charged a penalty, not to exceed the following limits, plus costs incurred**:

Reservation Cancellation Policy

We know that plans can change. If you need to cancel or change a reservation, you can do so online or with our app before your reservation begins.

  • A cancellation is defined as cancelling a whole reservation or any portion of reserved time (by changing the reservation, including shifting, shortening or returning early).



Quick Change

You cancel less than 1 hour after making a new reservation (as long as the reservation has not started).

Cancellation fees are waived

6 hours or more

You cancel any reserved time (or your whole reservation) more than 6 hours prior to the reservation start time.

$1 flat fee will be charged*

Less than 6 hours

You cancel any time (or your whole reservation) less than 6 hours prior to the reservation start time.

Charged for the first 6 hours of your reservation, or the cost of your reservation, whichever is less. 


Quick Change

You cancel less than 1 hour after making a new reservation (as long as the reservation has not started).

6 hours or more

You cancel any reserved time (or your whole reservation) more than 6 hours prior to the reservation start time.

Less than 6 hours

You cancel any time (or your whole reservation) less than 6 hours prior to the reservation start time.


Quick Change

Cancellation fees are waived

6 hours or more

$1 flat fee will be charged*

Less than 6 hours

Charged for the first 6 hours of your reservation, or the cost of your reservation, whichever is less. 

* Any cancelled time that is re-booked by another Member will not be charged to you. Call charges from your initial reservation transaction may apply.

  • If you do not cancel your reservation and do not drive, you will be billed for the estimated cost of your reservation.

  • If your account is suspended for non-payment, inability to validate your driver's license, exceeding your account limit, or other violation of your terms and conditions, your future reservations may be cancelled.

Other Fees:

Low Fuel

Returned the vehicle with less than ¼ tank


Late Return/Early Pick-up/Forgot Logout

Returned the vehicle late without notice. Fee is discounted -$15 if you call to notify us before your end time.

Up to 15 minutes - $25

16 to 30 minutes - $35

31 to 45 minutes - $45

46 minutes+ - $55

Maximum - $55

+cost of additional time

Vehicle Unlocked / Windows Left Open


Dead Battery/Key left in ignition


Messy Interior (garbage in car, seats down, etc.) or failure to report mess


plus cleaning costs

Dirty Car: Pet Hair, Smoking, etc.

Next driver reported evidence of smoking such as strong odor/ashes or pet hair/mess in vehicle.


plus cleaning costs

Failure to report damage, accident, theft, tire change (in addition to other applicable fees/costs)


(plus staff time and cost to repair or replace vehicle or fix damage)

No Reservation

Accessed or drove vehicle without a reservation (includes taking wrong car)


membership cancelled at 3rd infraction

Roadside Service – member-responsible

(When provided roadside assistance is a result of member error or negligence, such as lock out service, fuel delivery, jump start or flat tire, member will be responsible for fee and costs incurred.)


Missing Parking Pass, Fuel Card, Ignition Key

Plus cost of replacement if lost or damaged. Ignition key replacement and programming can cost $50 - $300, parking card/fob replacement is $75.


plus cost of replacement

Vehicle returned to wrong location

Parked out of position/wrong spot/wrong lot


Unauthorized Driver

Allowed operation of vehicle by person other than approved driver on member account


+ membership termination

Equipment Tampering

Unauthorized contact with or modification to vehicle or car sharing technology


+ membership termination

Membership Card Replacement

Members in good standing ONLY


Booking Charge

When you call an operator to make a new reservation, make changes to the reservation, extend your time or return your reservation early. No charge when you call to ask a question or report and issue with your reservation.


Unpaid Parking Tickets/Fines/Liens


+ ticket cost

407 Toll Road Charges


per trip + 407 fees

Unsuccessful Payment


*$10 for credit cards
*$25 for PAD & Cheque

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