Damage and Liability Protection



Damage Protection Options:

Credit Card Coverage: Use your eligible VISA, MasterCard or American Express Collision Loss Damage Insurance/Waiver coverage. Please confirm with your provider that the credit card on file in your CarShare account is eligible for Collision Loss Damage Insurance and that it covers specifically “Car Sharing." Download the appropriate form and either scan & e-mail (infocanada@enterprisecarshare.ca), mail, fax (416.340.0080) or drop it off to us. This program is not active until we receive your signed waiver form.

$0 Damage Responsibility - $90 Annual Fee:
Reduce your damage responsibility to $0 (full damage waiver) for one year. Coverage is limited to one incident. To enroll, sign up via My Account and the Details tab in the Enterprise CarShare reservation website.

Standard $1,000 Damage Responsibility: Members are responsible for the first $1,000 of any damage to or loss of the vehicle. Remember, you can be responsible for damage from ‘bad luck’ like having a rock hit the windshield or a ‘hit and run’ in a parking lot.

$0 Damage Responsibility – Selected per Trip: Reduce your responsibility to $0 (full damage waiver) for $1.50/hour to a maximum of $12/day.  Choose the “Collision Damage Waiver” option when booking each of your reservations.

To review your damage protection status, select ‘My Account’ in the Enterprise CarShare reservation site.

Please note, the member is responsible for the full cost of damage for loss arising from negligence or the damage exclusions listed below.


Full waiver options for collision damage are available. Contact us to get more details.


Relief from damage responsibility does not apply, and Member will be responsible for ALL damages, if:

a)    The damage is caused intentionally or as a result of willful and wanton misconduct by an Authorized Driver;

b)    The damage arises out of the operation of Vehicle by an Authorized Driver while intoxicated or under the influence of any illegal or unauthorized drug or prescribed medication which should not be taken during operation of a Vehicle;

c)    Any transaction for a CarShare Period is based on fraudulent information supplied by Member;

d)    For all consecutive reservations in the same vehicle with less than 24 hours between trips, the $0 Damage Responsibility (CDW) Per Trip option must be selected for all trips to be valid. Annual Damage Waiver must be purchased before the first trip to be valid for consecutive trips;

e)    The damage arises out of the use of Vehicle by an Authorized Driver while committing or otherwise engaged in a criminal act in which the vehicle usage is related to the nature of the criminal activity;

f)    The damage arises out of the use of Vehicle to carry any person or property for hire;

g)     The damage occurs while the Vehicle is operated by a person other than an Authorized Driver;

h)    The damage arises from the use of Vehicle outside the Authorized Province(s);

i)    The damage arises from towing or pushing anything;

j)     The damage arises from the operation of Vehicle on an unpaved road;

k)     The damage or loss of Vehicle is due to theft of Vehicle during the CarShare Period.  However, Member shall have no liability for any loss above the retained responsibility limit due to theft if:

  1. Member notifies Enterprise CarShare of the incident and files an official report to the theft with the police or other law enforcement agency within 24 hours of learning of the theft, and
  2. Member cooperates fully with Enterprise CarShare, police and other authorities in all matters connected with the investigation of the theft.



Enterprise CarShare vehicles carry automobile insurance with limits of $1,000,000 for Third Party Liability, Accident Benefits with coverages and limits as required by provincial law, Uninsured/Underinsured coverage with the minimum limits as required by law and any other coverage required by provincial law.