Car Share for Government

Our government car sharing programmes help a variety of government agencies and organizations reduce their fleet costs and meet sustainability goals. Plus it’s a great employee perk and cuts emissions in the community.

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Use our cars. Lose your cost. Whether you want to bring car sharing to your government organization or to the people of your city, Enterprise has the largest and most diverse fleet of newer vehicles.


Government Employees

Be car-less at work. Our government car sharing programmes offer car sharing for employees working at federal, state and local organizations. It can help you save money, time and reduce stress - especially if you use alternative modes of transportation to get to work such as the train, bus or bike.


Military Personnel

If you don’t need a car every day, just share one. With a military car sharing programme, you enjoy all the freedoms of a car without the costs of owning one. Enterprise CarShare is a membership-based car sharing programme that’s perfect for military life.

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