Toronto Business Plans


Enjoy the company fleet without owning a single car.

We provide customized plans that allow you and your company to decrease travel expenses, increase productivity and meet sustainability goals, all while taking advantage of our business plans with reduced rates and fees. Sign up for one of our standard business plans or contact us and we'll work with you to find the best option for your business needs.

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Standard Business Rates

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Rates include fuel, liability protection and up 200 kilometers per day. Additional kilometers start at $0.25/km. Member is responsible for the first $750 of any damage. Annual membership fee of $20 per driver is waived for the first year.

Create or join a standard business account.

A standard plan is perfect for businesses that:

  • have less than 10 employees
  • will use Enterprise CarShare less than 10 times per month
  • operate only in the GTA and surrounding areas



Create a custom business solution.

A custom plan is perfect for businesses that:

  • have more than 10 employees
  • will use Enterprise CarShare more than 10 times per month
  • operate in multiple cities
  • are interested in plans that include full damage waiver (at an additional charge)


Toronto Vehicle Locations

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Employee Benefits

Enterprise CarShare provides access to vehicles for work and play. Drivers on our corporate memberships can take advantage of our reduced hourly corporate rates for personal use at a discounted rate of $15 per year. As added benefit, we’ll WAIVE the $29 application fee and the $15 plan fee for the first year.* Look for more details in your corporate driver confirmation emails! 

*Two membership numbers will apply. We'll ensure your existing member card is associated to both memberships, allowing you to easily switch between your business and personal profiles. Proof of employment will be required.


Member Eligibility

  • This program is open to all qualified applicants ages 21 and up
  • Valid driver’s license (International Driver’s License Accepted)
  • Valid major credit card in your name


What's Included


Member Responsibilities