The Damage Evaluator Tool


We have begun removing the Damage Diagram from all of our vehicles and replacing them with the new Damage Evaluator Tool. Starting the second week of April and into May, we will be replacing the Damage Diagram with the new Damage Evaluator Tool.

We don’t want to hold you responsible for damage that existed prior to your use of the car. Please take a few minutes before you drive to inspect the car prior to each rental. In the glove box, you’ll find a Damage Evaluator and instructions. Below are the details for how you will evaluate and report damage.

Walk around the car looking for safety issues and damage. If you see any damage to the vehicle you will use these guidelines and that Damage Evaluator to assess the size of the damage:

  • Bumper Damage IS: Dent/scratch larger than 6” (size of the damage evaluator), or hole/tear of any size – Report This!

  • Bumper Damage IS NOT: Scratch of any size along the underside of the bumper is OK

  • Exterior Body Damage (Non-Bumper) IS: dent/scratch larger than 2” circle, or hole/tear of any size – Report This!

  • Glass Damage IS: Any ‘Star’/crack – Report This!

Once the damage has been reported, there will be a damage sticker placed on the middle of the damage on the vehicle. If you see the sticker on the damage there is no need to call in to report it. If you’re unsure, always call our reservation line so you’re not held responsible for the damage.

Please call contact us immediately to report any problems so that we can document the vehicle’s condition prior to your use and, if needed, make other arrangements for you.