Add CarShare in Your Building

Imagine the convenience of having a car in your building without the expense of owning it. Enterprise CarShare has extensive expertise with apartment buildings, condo boards, developers, and property management. The additional value provided by CarShare helps meet environmental commitments through programs like LEED.

Benefits for the Building and Residents:
Grab a car downstairs for your occasional needs without leaving the building. For certain high density locations, renting a parking spot for CarShare can also be a source of income to the building. And we offer discounts for all residents to sweeten the deal!

Benefits For Developers:
Having Enterprise CarShare onsite can help you by reducing the parking requirements and provide condo buyers with integrated mobility option at their home. Carshare is an amenity that actually saves buyers money making urban living more affordable.

These are the important things to know:

  • Parking: The parking spot must be accessible to all of our members 24-hours, 7 days-a-week (not just building residents). We have options including installing keypads for pedestrian doors for secure access to parking garages.

  • Logistics: We have extensive experience with CarShare in buildings and can tailor the setup for your building.

  • Discount: We will provide a discount to all building residents if we can arrange parking and communication to tenants.

  • Location: Most of our growth has been in the old city of Toronto and downtown Mississauga. We are open to expanding to other areas that have regular transit or sufficiently high population density.


    When can we get Enterprise CarShare Onsite?
    We generally add new locations in the spring due to increased demand in the spring and summer.

    If interested in adding CarShare to your building, it is best to first build support through your board or landlord and then contact us with your building’s address and their contact information.