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University of Toronto - Mississauga Rates and Fees

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Rates vary depending on model, day of week, and time of day.

  • Members under the age of 25 can access Economy, Midsize, Compact SUV, and Small Cargo vehicles.


  • Rates apply to staff and faculty.


  • 200km per day included; additional km are $0.28/km


  • Gas & Insurance included

  • Booking through call centre (optional): $2.50

  • Plan not valid with any other promo

Member Eligibility

  • This program is open to all qualified applicants ages 21 and up
  • Valid driver’s license (International Driver’s License Accepted)
  • Currently hold a "G2" or a full class “G” license or an equivalent
  • Valid College or University email account – use this email in your application
  • Valid major credit card in your name

What's Included

  • Fuel
  • Physical Damage/Liability Protection
  • 24/7 Member Services & Roadside Assistance

Member Responsibilities

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